A Sexy Selfie can make him yours

It is unimaginable what a sexy selfie can do to the man of your dreams. The right picture can have the man that you like eating out of the palm of your hands. Here is how to take the perfect sexy selfie to make him all yours.

Buy some sexy lingerie from your favorite store to take the pictures in. Men love lingerie and this is why it is important to find something perfect for the occasion. Find lingerie that has beautiful designs on the top portions because that is what will show the most in the pictures.

After you find the right lingerie, it is time to style your hair. Do your hair in the best hairdo that you know. Get the curling iron and go all out because this selfie has to be good enough to make him want more. When your hair is done, the make-up comes next.

Sexy, sultry makeup is best for pictures like these. A nice smoky eye with a pale, nude lip would be perfect to capture the mysterious, yet hot look that you want to achieve. When the makeup is done, the next step is to find a good place to take sexy pictures. The best place to take them is in the bed.

When taking the pictures make sure to get all of your best angles captured. It is important that the pictures are good enough to make him want to make you his one and only. When the pictures are done, hit send and wait for his heart to melt.

Men love women who are sexy and confident. Sending the man you are dating sexy pictures is a good way to keep him wanting more of you. Most men love to be teased and will stay to see if they are able to win the prize.