The Many Uses of Obama Toilet Paper

Have you heard of the Obama toilet paper yet? If you haven’t, you are probably living under a rock in the online world, because this product is already an ecommerce hit. Check it out online, and you are sure to have a few laughs just out of seeing it. Whether you like Obama and his policies or not, seeing his face smiling on something like toilet paper is definitely going to make you go down on the floor laughing.

Now, why has this product become such a hit? It is not just because of the most obvious reason, is it? Most people who are buying the Obama Toilet Paper aren’t thinking about the hygiene of a particular part of their body. Instead, they are thinking about the sarcasm that this product contains. Think about it – we are a nation that can even put the President on toilet paper if we wish to. That’s the way our democracy functions, freedom of speech and expression and all that. Maybe that’s the real reason why this product is being lapped up by people.

A lot of people are buying this product just so they can play pranks on others. It is definitely funny if you wrap this in the most beautiful way possible and send it out to that grumpy uncle who lives next door. He’ll probably first wonder who deigned to send him such a wonderfully packed gift, and when he opens it, he is going to double up in laughter. Won’t it be great to see a smile on his face once in a while?

That’s what people are using this for. They are hanging it in their toilets when people come to visit so that Obama can sneak upon them when they least expect it, and they are gifting it to people. Find your own ingenious uses if you may, but this product is here to stay.