Know when to eat, what to eat and how to eat

Diet is a very important factor to consider for any sportsman. It will not take him a long time to gain weight. All his work towards acquiring the optimum weight would be reduced to naught in one moment of madness. So you should know what foods to take and what to avoid. More importantly you should also know how the foods are cooked. For example if you are working out beautifully and then enjoying a chocolate afterwards, what is the use of the workout? You spike up your sugar levels. Your pancreas has to start working overtime by releasing more amounts of insulin to reduce the sugar level. Thus you tend to store up the insulin. You will require more amounts of calories which will surely not be used and hence you put of fat. You should steer clear of processed foods at any cost. They are full of preservatives and have no nutritional value.


One important aspect of your vertical jump training program is that you should know how to cook. The first item you should throw away from the house is the microwave oven. When you use the microwave you lose vitamin and nutrient values. The next step is to try baking the food rather than frying it. The slower the food is cooked, the more nutrients it will retain. Even eggs should be baked rather than fried. It saves all the nutrients. You should also know when to eat. The right time to eat is to eat when you are hungry. This is the key to real training. You should stick to the rule of eating something before a training workout and at least after an hour of training. The key is thus to know how to eat and when to eat. These are aspects which are important.