Things to Remember When Playing Hungry Shark Evolution

Love Hungry Shark Evolution? Well, here are a few things that can make the experience all the more fun. We are fans of this game too, and these pointers are just things that we observed.

The first thing to note (and a mistake we made early on) is to evolve your sharks too early. When you cross a particular level, i.e. reach the max size for your current size, your option to evolve to the next bigger one will be unlocked. You will be asked for a number of gold coins to go to the next shark. Now, though you might be tempted to do that, remember that this action will take up a lot of your coins and you will have nothing for the next level. Of course, you could get a hungry shark evolution hack and all that, but the fun is in climbing up level by level, smelling the roses on the way.

So, stick with your current shark for a while and spend the coins instead on upgrading it. Give it a jet pack and a baby shark and maybe even an eye patch for that pirate killer look. Make your sharks as fun as possible and then take a photo and share it to your friends on Facebook.

The next thing is to understand that everything cannot be eaten by your shark at once. You cannot eat those venomous spiky red fish, and even the sting rays will sting you if you approach them from the wrong direction. The puffer fish can be eaten by even the simplest shark but you have to approach them head on.

Be careful with the scuba divers too. Do not wait too long when they are nearby. Some of them can hit you with harpoons and that wouldn’t be so nice.